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Metro is Australia's premier film and media quarterly. It is independent, outspoken and passionate about film, TV and new media from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. First published in 1968, Metro provides readers with comprehensive coverage of the region's screen industries, and features writing by some of our foremost academics, critics and industry members. Also featuring reviews of the latest local titles as well as interviews with prominent filmmakers, Metro has something for everyone – from the avid film fan to the seasoned theorist.

Combining a wide range of topics and disciplines, Metro offers a unique blend of in-depth scholarship and popular writing, capturing key trends and developments in screen culture. A partially refereed magazine, Metro keeps alive the tradition of the essay, immersing readers in thought-provoking articles that are at once analytical and accessible.


Australian and New Zealand Cinema
'Abstracts of Violence: Ariel Courtin-Wilson and Michael Cody's Ruin' – Scott McCulloch
'Against the Clock: Hugh Sullivan's The Infinite Man' – Myke Bartlett
'Taking Flight: Craig Monahan's Healing' – Rose Lucas
'Dark Truths and White Lies' – Sarah Ward
'A Future Forlorn: David Michôd The River' – Greg Dolgopolov
'Rape, Revenge and Responsibility: The Day of the Broken' – Dave Hoskin

Australia and New Zealand on the Small Screen
'Her Contested Reality: Schapelle and Dead Men Can't Sue' – Laurence Barber
'The Surface of Singapore: Serangoon Road' – Dave Hoskin

Focus on Asia and the Middle East
'Modern Love: Hirokazu Koreeda's Like Father, Like Son' – Sarinah Masukor
'Keep Your Eye on the Dystopian Ball: Bong Joon-ho's Snowpiercer' – Sarah Ward
'Desperate Measures: Kim Ki-duk and Asia Extreme Cinema' – Alicia Lewis
'Seeing Past the Bloodshed: Beatriz's War' – Anthony Carew

'Breaking the Ice: The Crossing' – Anthony Carew
'The Patriarchy Laid Bare: Ukraine Is Not a Brothel' – Karen Pickering
'Rolling with the Punches: Light Fly, Fly High' – Emily Laidlaw
'The Road to Recovery: The Unlikely Pilgrims' – Caroline Fonda

Critical Views
'Something in the Dark: The Tale of Ruby Rose and the Tasmanian Gothic' – Emily Bullock
'Bi the Wayside: Re-imagining Bisexuality in Contemporary Australian Cinema' – Chloe Benson

Industry Perspectives
'Window of Opportunity: The Future of Film Distribution in Australia' – Lauren Carroll Harris
'Breaking the Chain: The Screen Industry and Disintermediation' – Adam Smith
'Has Digital Killed the Radio Star? Double J and Real-time Radio' – Susanna Nelson

The NFSA's Kodak/Atlab Cinema Collection
'Crystal Voyager' – Keith Beattie

Regular Features
'Book Reviews: The Archive Project by John Hughes' – Paul Davies
'Book Reviews: Rising Sun, Divided Land by Kate E Taylor-Jones' – Tessa Chudy
'Scope: Screen Industry Views' – Elizabeth Flux, Liz Giuffre, Daniel Golding and Tara Judah

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