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Metro #171

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Metro is Australia's premier film and media quarterly. It is independent, outspoken and passionate about film, TV and new media from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. First published in 1968, Metro provides readers with comprehensive coverage of the region's screen industries, and features writing by some of our foremost academics, critics and industry members. Also featuring reviews of the latest local titles as well as interviews with prominent filmmakers, Metro has something for everyone – from the avid film fan to the seasoned theorist.

Combining a wide range of topics and disciplines, Metro offers a unique blend of in-depth scholarship and popular writing, capturing key trends and developments in screen culture. A partially refereed magazine, Metro keeps alive the tradition of the essay, immersing readers in thought-provoking articles that are at once analytical and accessible.


Australian and New Zealand Cinema
'Flame-grilled Grief: Burning Man' – Rowena Robertson
'Restoration Drama: Face to Face' – Andrew Fuhrmann
'Half Empty: The Cup' – Myke Bartlett
'In the Impact Zone: Caught Inside' – Alexandra Heller-Nicholas
'"They Fixed My Broken Heart": Surviving Georgia's Saccharine Swoon' – Carly Millar
'Bright Night of the Flesh: Jon Hewitt and Belinda McClory Discuss X' – Jack Sargeant

Australia on the Small Screen
'The Slap: The Heavy Hand of a Hard-hitting Drama' – Kit Macfarlane

Focus on Asia and the Middle East
'This Bird Has Flown: Tran Anh Hung's Norwegian Wood' – Sarinah Masukor
'Speaking a Universal Language: An Interview with Tran Anh Hung' – Richard Gray
'Panahi vs. the State: This Is Not a Film' – Alice Burgin
'Brilliant Korea: The 16th Busan International Film Festival' – Julia Mayer
'Animal Magnetism: On South Korean Director Yim Soon-rye' – Julia Mayer

'Finely Tuned: Antenna International Documentary Film Festival' – Mathieu Ravier
'Document: Autoluminescent' – Fiona Trigg
'Document: The Hungry Tide' – Shweta Kishore
'"A Journey We Take Together": An Interview with Documentary Maker Tom Zubrycki' – Dan Edwards
'Upfront Filmmaking: The Ethics of Documentary Relationships' – Steve Thomas

New Media
'New Directions for Documentary: Recent Interactive and Cross-platform Productions' – Julia Scott-Stevenson
'Tweet the Press: How Social Media is Changing the Way Journalists Do Their Jobs' – Matthew Clayfield

Critical Views
'Rites of Return: Yael Bartana' – Kate Warren
'The Female Journalist in Bollywood: Middle-class Career Woman or Problematic National Heroine?' – Sukhmani Khorana
'Through the Lens: Interviews from the Australian Film Theory and Criticism Project – Michael Eaton' – Noel King

The NFSA's Kodak/Atlab Cinema Collection
'The Year My Voice Broke' – Rose Lucas

Industry Perspectives
'Creative Sound: Dialogue Up Close' – David Raines

TV and Media
'Under Whose Skin?: The Subtle Scalpel of Louis Theroux' – Dave Hoskin
'Noitamina: Animation through the Looking Glass' – Paul Jackson
'Outside Stories: Manga on the Margins' – Mio Bryce

Regular Features
'TV Eye: Wilfred' – Dave Hoskin
'TV Eye: At Home with Julia' – Marilyn Tofler
'TV Eye: The Bazura Project' – Ed Yates
'TV Eye: At the Movies' – Dave Hoskin
'Technical Section: Final Cut Pro X' – Christopher Kenworthy
'Book Reviews: Real and Reel by Brian McFarlane' – Charles Barr
'Shortcuts' – Tina Kaufman

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