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Metro is Australia's premier film and media quarterly. It is independent, outspoken and passionate about film, TV and new media from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. First published in 1968, Metro provides readers with comprehensive coverage of the region's screen industries, and features writing by some of our foremost academics, critics and industry members. Also featuring reviews of the latest local titles as well as interviews with prominent filmmakers, Metro has something for everyone – from the avid film fan to the seasoned theorist.

Combining a wide range of topics and disciplines, Metro offers a unique blend of in-depth scholarship and popular writing, capturing key trends and developments in screen culture. A partially refereed magazine, Metro keeps alive the tradition of the essay, immersing readers in thought-provoking articles that are at once analytical and accessible.


Australia and New Zealand Cinema

Regular Features

Scope: Screen Industry Views – Liz Giuffre, Cameron Williams and April Tyack

Australia and New Zealand Cinema

'Caught on Camera: Surveillance and Abstraction in Jonathan Ogilvie's Lone Wolf' – Jake Wilson
'Rays of Desire: Queer Time in Katie Found's My First Summer' – Louise Sheedy
'Life on Fast Forward: Mortality and Regret in Josh Lawson's Long Story Short' – Travis Johnson
'Hidden Forces: Childhood, Commerce and Cost in Granaz Moussavi's When Pomegranates Howl'  – Kit MacFarlane
'Fragmented Feelings: Matthew Victor Pastor's The Neon Across the Ocean' – Nicholas Godfrey


'Swimming Through Time: Sally Aitken on Playing with Sharks: The Valerie Taylor Story' – Oliver Pfeiffer
'Breaking the Waves: Defeating Discrimination in Christopher Nelius' Girls Can’t Surf' – Greta Parry
'For Whom the Bell Tolls: Cathy Henkel and Sam Lara on Saying Goodbye in Laura's Choice' – Stephen A Russell
'Creativity in Confinement: Artistic Expression as Redemption in Alex Siddons' The Art of Incarceration' – Rebekah Brammer
'One Final Bow: An Actor Reflects in Molly Reynolds' My Name Is Gulpilil' – Kath Dooley

Beyond the Screen

'Flies on the Locker-room Walls: The Managed Candour of Making Their Mark'  – Kenta McGrath

Focus on Asia and the Middle East

'Women on the Verge: Haifaa Al Mansour's The Perfect Candidate' – Anthony Carew
'Fragments and Textures: Memory and the City in Zheng Lu Xinyuan's The Cloud in Her Room' – Danica van de Velde

Screen Education

'Cinema Science: Deconstructing the Machinery of the Mad Max Films' – Dave Crewe
'Trapped in the Web: Untangling The Social Dilemma' – Nadine Whitney
'Borrowed Time: The Life and Death of the Video Store' – Gabrielle O’Brien
'Documenting the Self: Art, Celebrity and Storytelling in 20,000 Days on Earth'– Anthony Carew

Critical Views

'At the Threshold of Revival: Australian Cinema and the Moment of 2000 Weeks' – Peter Galvin

The NFSA Restores Collection

'The Sentimental Bloke' – Barnaby Smith

Industry Perspectives

'Out of the Frying Pan: Screen Australia and the Producer Offset' – Glenda Hambly

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