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Wolf Creek (Australian Screen Classics)

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In 2005, the horror film Wolf Creek depicted the abduction and torture of three backpackers in the Australian outback, and created an immediate industry and media frenzy. Wolf Creek tapped into the myth of the lonely continent, a fear of the country's hostility and its indifference to suffering, traits which have been deeply etched into our national psyche by real life events such as the Milat and Murdoch murders.

Sonya Hartnett takes the hard landscape and the rogue men who inhabit these spaces and evokes the surrealistic terror which continues to fascinate outsiders and locals.

SONYA HARTNETTT is an internationally acclaimed author. She writes fiction for children, young adults and adults. Her first novel, Trouble All the Way, was published when she was 15. Hartnett has won a number of Australian and international awards including the prestigious Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. Her novels include: Of a Boy, Sleeping Dogs, Thursday’s Child, Surrender and Butterfly.

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