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DIY Law (ATOM Study Guide)

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DIY Law (Susan Lambert) is an ABC TV documentary series on self-litigants, people who represent themselves in court. The four half hour programmes explore aspects of the do-it-yourself approach to legal representation. Each programme presents a distinct real life drama centred on one person advocating on their own behalf in a range of legal settings: the Family Court, the Migration Review Tribunal, the Residential Tribunal, and the Local Court.
The lively, observational style of DIY Law is complemented by spare factual narration explaining relevant background and specialist details. The series was screened by SBS to a popular TV audience, but it is clearly directed to an educational market.

DIY Law is pertinent not just to students of basic law, legal studies and criminal justice, but also to students with broad interests in the social sciences, humanities and creative arts in areas as diverse as: community development, social work, sociology, performance arts, creative writing, journalism, philosophy, politics (citizenship and governance) and Australian studies.

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