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Unsound (ATOM Study Guide)

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Falling in love is the easy part.

Unsound (2019) is an Australian feature film directed by Ian Watson. When gigging guitarist, Noah, quits the band of a 1990s pop icon Moniqua, he returns to his mother's home in Sydney, Australia. Noah soon finds himself swept up in the life of a young, emerging transman, Finn. Finn, who is deaf, runs a community centre and nightclub in his local community.

Curriculum Links:

This study guide to accompany Unsound has been written for secondary students in Years 10–12 in the learning areas of English, Health and Media. The film is also relevant to learning in the General Capability of 'Personal and Social Capability'. Teachers are advised to consult the Australian Curriculum and curriculum outlines relevant to their state or territory.

Unsound provides an insight into the significant challenges facing LGBTQIA people. As a curriculum resource, the film encourages conversations about gender identity and sexual orientation. Through viewing and studying the film, students can identify how societal expectations may limit people's decision to come out and/or gender transition.

Unsound challenges its audience to consider their unconscious bias towards people with disability, the effects of this bias and how this bias can be addressed. Through viewing and studying the film, students can identify the importance of expanding individuals' choices; enhancing individuals capabilities and their freedoms; and enabling people to live full, productive and creative lives.

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