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A Stargazer's Guide to the Cosmos (ATOM Study Guide) - PDF + EPUB

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NB: This product includes the A Stargazer's Guide to the Cosmos ATOM study guide as a PDF and as an EPUB, which can be used on mobile devices. 

Over the course of 10 inspiring episodes, A Stargazer’s Guide to the Cosmos takes us on a remarkable journey of discovery through the wonders of the southern night sky. Our guide on this stellar odyssey is charismatic outback astronomer, Greg Quicke - aka 'Space Gandalf'.

As an ex-pearl diver, microbiologist, cattleman and truck driver, Greg spent his early life seeking adventure and enlightenment amidst the epic backdrop of the wild Kimberly region of Western Australia. But after experiencing an astronomical revelation under a vast canopy of stars in the remote bush, Greg's life was changed forever. Discovering a grand passion for astronomy, Greg dedicated himself to investigating the mysteries of the solar system, via his ever-growing collection of telescopes and binoculars.

And as his passion grew, so did his audience. In fact, Greg soon began a weekly series of astronomical tours under the night sky, which continue to this day. Blending his unique blend of hands-on observational astronomy with his infectious natural curiously and profound insights, Greg has passed on this sense of wonder and fascination in a series of ‘penny drop’ talks to over 100,000 guests over the last 30 years.

Now in the Stargazer’s Guide, Greg takes his skills, quirks and passion into orbit, as he sets out to share his lifetime of astronomical experience with us. Over 10 chapters, Greg sets out to reveal the deepest secrets of our solar system and help us fully explore and experience these wonders of practical astronomy for ourselves.

Each short film focuses on a simple but remarkable revelation, exploring and showing how we can easily experience it in your daily life: For example, Greg reveals how you can observe the actual rotation of the Earth, by simply following the movement of an easily recognisable constellation over the course of a few hours under the night sky. In other episodes, we’ll see Greg explain how we can recognise the powerful influence of the moon in our daily lives, by simply observing its shape in the sky. We’ll also discover the basic skills that can help us identify satellites like the International Space Station with the naked eye. And we’ll come to understand and experience life changing realisations – for example: how a simple but powerful quirk of the Earth’s orbit gives rise to the life-giving cycle of the seasons.

Filmed on location amidst the stunning vistas of the wild Kimberley region of WA, The Stargazer’s Guide is rich in wonder and accessible in its simplicity. With Greg as our guide, we’ll forge a new and lasting connection with stars, embarking upon a journey: into the deepest corners of our galaxy and our curiosity.

Curriculum Links

As a curriculum resource, A Stargazer’s Guide to the Cosmos has applications across a broad spectrum of curricula and year levels. While the activities presented in this Study Guide are primarily intended for primary or middle-years schooling emphasising cross-curricular links, these activities could also be modified to suit individual subjects as identified in the curriculum links.

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