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Making Child Prodigies (ATOM Study Guide) - PDF + EPUB

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NB: This product includes the Making Child Prodigies ATOM study guide as a PDF and as an EPUB, which can be used on mobile devices. 


The series focuses on the children as they further develop their talents and also on their parents in their journey to encourage, foster and simply live in the same house with a child who has been labelled a ‘prodigy’.

Each episode interweaves the stories of the five children and their families. Each of the children has a different talent. They do not know one another.

This series also raises a number of broader community and educational issues, including:

  • What is a prodigy?
  • Is exceptional talent in the blood and/or what role does the environment play?
  • How do you, or can you, measure 'giftedness'?
  • Do schools adequately cater for children who are 'different'?
  • What is the role of parents and other members of the family who live with a “special’ child? The six-part documentary was produced by Screentime, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Screen Australia in 2018. The Series Producer and Director was Jeff Siberry.

Curriculum Links

Making Child Prodigies has a number of curriculum links, including:

  • English
  • Media Studies
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Studies of Society and Environment
  • The Arts, including music, performing arts.

The Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians (December 2009-18) frames the Australian National Curriculum. It clearly states in a number of sections that the goals of schooling should embrace diversity and equity and should provide environments in which ALL children reach their full potential.

Australian governments, in collaboration with all school sectors, commit to promoting equity and excellence in Australian schooling….

…. promote a culture of excellence in all schools, by supporting them to provide challenging, and stimulating learning experiences and opportunities that enable all students to explore and build on their gifts and talents

…. promote personalised learning that aims to fulfil the diverse capabilities of each young Australian.

…. ensure students are motivated to reach their full potential

…. develop personal values and attributes such as honesty, resilience, empathy and respect for others

…. embrace opportunities, make rational and informed decisions about their own lives and accept responsibility for their own actions Making Child Prodigies, while not explicitly addressing these goals, does implicitly discuss the broad issue of how to promote a culture of excellence in schools.

So, in summary, there are compelling reasons for considering this documentary as a relevant teaching and learning resource. How it is used is in the hands of professional skills of the teacher.

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