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Lifetime of Beauty, A (ATOM Study Guide)

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Dissolving Differences and A Lifetime of Beauty is a prevention and awareness program for schools designed to address body dissatisfaction among youth. The program was initiated by author Gregory Landsman, after undertaking research in schools into body dissatisfaction in our youth, and is based on his Balance of Beauty Philosophy that underpins all his work.

Research conducted by Landsman highlights the pressure Australian children feel to be attractive, and the huge gap between how they think they should look and what they see in the mirror. Landsman describes body dissatisfaction as 'a modern-day epidemic.' He believes 'the underpinning cause of body image issues starts with comparisons, which in turn show differences, which then result in judgements. Children are comparing themselves to each other, as well as celebrities in the media, and they don't like what they see. It is significantly affecting the majority of our school-aged youth who mostly believe they need to look a certain way to 'measure up'. This is becoming a growing problem in schools, having been linked to the broader issues of isolation and bullying.'

A Lifetime of Beauty Study Guide

This study guide is designed to support the A Lifetime of Beauty book. It includes suggestions for inquiry based teaching and learning activities for Middle Years teachers to implement with young people addressing issues related to:

• Health and wellbeing
• Body image
• Friendship
• Behavioural attitudes

Curriculum Links

The study guide includes background to the Dissolving Differences program, comprehensive classroom-based activities across the Key Learning Areas of English, Health and Physical Education, the Arts and SoSE, to assist teachers wishing to work with the A Lifetime of Beauty story with Middle Years students, along with biographical material related to Gregory Landsman.


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