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Transblack (ATOM Study Guide)

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Transblack is a bold, engaging and eyeopening ABC documentary, comprising 4 x 10 minute episodes, with each episode introducing an individual who identifies as both trans and Indigenous. Hailing from across Australia, these vibrant, honest, intriguing individuals tell their remarkable story of struggle, resilience and release when they finally decide to transition. Each of their stories follows a similar narrative – negative self-image in adolescence, transitioning, greater well-being, new lease on life. In each individual's case, they are supported by close family and friends and each episode is a telling reminder of the power of support especially from a parent. Central to their identity is also their Indigenous cultural heritage and the positive messages of encouragement from their culture is heart-warming.

Curriculum Links

Suited to Year 10 students, Transblack is engaging and import viewing for young people. It builds understanding of diversity and the overarching importance of equality for all in society. Transblack is most suited to learning and teaching in the English and Health & Physical Education areas of the Australian Curriculum. It also speaks to the general capability of ethical understanding.

Transblack is also available to stream here.

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