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7th International Mobile Innovation Screening (7-Day Rental)

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This is the seventh edition of Mobile Innovation Network and Association's (MINA) International Mobile Innovation Screening.

MINA is the longest running film festival internationally dedicated to mobile and smartphone filmmaking with a focus on moving-image arts, documentary, community engaged film productions, experimental films and emerging film production forms and formats, such as MoJo, drone videos, AR and Mobile Cinematic VR.


  1. You're A Guy! / Sylvain Certain / FRANCE
  2. Unseen Memories / Manpreet Singh / CANADA
  3. The Ritual / Mahmood Al-Yousig / BAHRAIN
  4. How was your Birthday? / Mohammed Zaouche / ALGERIA
  5. Video Sketch 23(B) / Phil Hastings / USA
  6. Beauty & Bounty / Doug Armknecht / USA
  7. Real Estate / Laurence Rosier Staines / AUSTRALIA
  8. Quo Grab #2 / Patrick Kelly / AUSTRALIA
  9. The Harbour / Daniel Wagner / NEW ZEALAND
  10. The Big City / Evan Luchkow / CANADA
  11. Lung / David Cowlard / NEW ZEALAND
  12. Octo / Pegah Izadian / IRAN
  13. Dreaming / Vanessa Vox / FRANCE
  14. #selfiesuit_documentation / Paul Taylor / USA
  15. Auikyani / Harold González Chavrria / NICARAGUA
  16. Eight Colours of Sound / Vivi Octaviani / AUSTRALIA
  17. Meshes of an Autumn Afternoon / Melissa Brattoni / AUSTRALIA

Curated by Max Schleser

Classification: MA 15+

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