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Sum of Us, The

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Dad's looking for Mrs Right. His son's looking for Mr Right.

Starring Russell Crowe in one of his earliest performances alongside critically acclaimed, consummate Aussie actor Jack Thompson, The Sum of Us is undeniably a classic of Australian cinema. The multi-award-winning screen adaption of a long-running play, it is a witty and tender social comedy about unequivocal love.

Widower Harry Mitchell (Thompson) is a straight-talking, beer-drinking Aussie bloke with a difference: he not only accepts but embraces his son Jeff's (Crowe) homosexuality. Jeff, a plumber in his twenties, and Harry live together in the family home and are both on the lookout for true love. But their unconventionally open relationship brings unexpected consequences.

Jeff becomes smitten by a quiet handsome gardener, Greg (John Polson). Upon meeting the overly hospitable Harry, Greg, whose own father is fervently against his homosexuality, has a hard time coming to terms with Harrys eagerness.

Meanwhile, Harry finds love of his own with Joyce (Deborah Kennedy), an attractive divorcee he met through computer-dating service. His usual unabashed support of Jeff's sexual orientation slides when he fails to mention it to Joyce and her reaction is less then embracing.

Thompson and Crowe are captivating as the odd-couple father and son, bringing to their roles humour and conviction as they remain true to each other in the face of hardship. The Sum of Us is a heart-warming celebration of diversity, broadmindedness and familial bonds.

Duration: 100 minutes

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