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Desperately Seeking Doctors - Episode 1

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Please note: This DVD contains only Episode 1 of Desperately Seeking Doctors. Episodes 2 and 3 are sold separately.

Australia has a chronic shortage of doctors and nowhere is this more evident than in the bush. Country towns right across the country are so desperate for a GP that they've recruited doctors from lands as far away as India, South Africa and the UK. Overseas-trained doctors have now become commonplace throughout the land – but how do these foreign doctors cope once they've arrived in the middle of nowhere? And, just as importantly, how do the locals in the middle of nowhere cope with them?

Australia's medical schools are also trying to deal with the bush doctor shortage by sending their final-year students out for a term in a rural town. The hope is they gain an understanding of, and appreciation for, life as a bush doctor; but with most of our medical students being dyed-in-the-wool city-slickers, many find their experience to be an eye-opener – to say the least.

'Real insight into a pressing problem' – Sydney Morning Herald

'This is engaging and entertaining telly that also has something important to say' – The Age

'… the most thought provoking, moving, entertaining and enlightening doco series in years' – Wagin Argus

'Set in WA, this is one reality series we all should watch. ' – The West Australian

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