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To Kill a Mockingbird (Novel) (Teacher Pack)

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This teaching unit focuses on Harper Lee's powerful novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, leading students through a range of high-quality, engaging and impactful learning experiences to culminate in an analytical essay assessment task on one of the key concepts of the text.

The best part (in addition to the hours of preparation time you'll save!) is that these resources are ready for immediate download and use.

Contents (6 digital/editable/printable files ready for immediate download and use):

  1. Teacher Guide (38-page PDF)
    • Unit overview
    • Learning Goals and Success Criteria
    • Suggested Lesson Outline
    • Teacher Answer Guide to Student Booklet
    • Analytical Essay writing/assessment information
  2. Student Booklet (33-page PDF and DOCX [suitable for Google Classroom])
    • Pre-reading activities – what causes prejudice and memories of childhood
    • Introduction to the novel – Harper Lee, context, genre (bildungsroman)
    • Representations, interpreting texts and literary devices
    • Reading activities – reading questions and character activities
    • Representations of fatherhood in texts and activities
    • Representations of prejudice in texts
    • Representations of childhood in texts
    • Extended response activities (possible extension)
    • Literary devices in detail
    • Planning templates – prejudice, tolerance, fatherhood, childhood, courage
    • Analytical Essay writing
      • Analytical essay structure
      • Approaching the question – strategy
      • Writing the contention
      • Writing the introduction
      • Writing body paragraphs
      • Practice question
      • Assessment task – analytical essay response
      • Essay writing reminders and Possible sentence starters
      • Analytical Essay template
      • The Writing Process
      • Analytical Essay checklist
  3. Teaching Powerpoint/Keynote Presentation (40-slide PPTX and KEY [for macOS users])
    • Discussion starters 1 & 2
    • Introduction to the novel – Harper Lee, context, plot, genre (bildungsroman)
    • Representations, interpreting texts and literary devices
    • Character close-up – Boo Radley
    • Representations of fatherhood in texts
    • Representations of prejudice, tolerance, childhood and courage
    • Analytical Essay writing – cognitive verb 'analyse', analytical essay structure, approaching the question, writing contention, introduction and body paragraph (including answers/samples)
    • Practice question (see separately included 'Sample Essay – Prejudice' for sample response)
    • The Writing Process
  4. Sample Essay – Prejudice – complete sample essay response for Practice Question – 1100 words (PDF file)

Unit duration: 30+ lessons (including assessment)

Curriculum Links:

The Teacher Pack can be linked to the following areas within the Australian Curriculum:

  • English (Years 10–12)

In addition, the Teacher Pack relates to the following General Capabilities within the Australian Curriculum:

  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Personal and Social Capability
  • Literacy


  • Digital/editable/printable files delivered in a single ZIP file (3× PDFs, 1× DOCX, 1× PPTX, 1× KEY)
  • Professionally designed by an experienced educator
  • Highly visual and engaging
  • Suited to all learners
  • Crisp, clean layouts
  • A range of whole class, group work and individual learning resources

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