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Who's Been Sleeping In My House? Series 1 (ATOM Study Guide)

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Have you ever wondered about who lived in your house before you? Who were they? Where did they come from? What were their dreams, hopes and fears? And what became of them? Who's Been Sleeping in My House? is a series of eight thirty-minute episodes that sets out to reveal the incredible stories that lie between the bricks and mortar of our homes.

Leading each week's investigation is Melbourne-based archaeologist Adam Ford. His inquisitive mind, twenty years' experience and storytelling skills make him a natural and engaging host. We follow Adam as he zigzags his way through archives, databases, family albums and local experts, revealing a past that isn't always recorded in the history books.

From the Western Australian goldfields to the tropics of Queensland, Adam peels back the extraordinary lives of everyday Australians – people who lived, loved, bore children and died or moved on in the great cycle of life – each intriguingly diverse, but all unified by the place they called 'home'.

The walls really do talk, and you may never look at your house in the same way again.

Presenter Adam Ford is a natural storyteller who brings specialist expertise to this series. He has twenty years' experience as a professional archaeologist, having investigated a remarkable range of sites in Australia and around the world, including the site of Ned Kelly's last stand, prehistoric desert camps, Cold War rocket bases, medieval castles and desert island shipwrecks.

Each week, Adam visits a house that we might drive past every day and never give a second look. And yet within its rooms are the hidden stores of our past – the lives of the people who once lived there. This is our history, told by the people who have slept in our homes.

Who's Been Sleeping in My House? would be an excellent series to show to upper primary and secondary students of History.

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