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Walking Man (ATOM Study Guide)

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The Walking Man was an ever–present figure on the suburban streets of Perth often seen pushing his wheelbarrow or pram along the busy Stirling Highway over many decades. Urban myths arose as to his intentions from a fascinated local community.

But no one had it right.

This is the story of Ross Seaton, the Walking Man, through the lens of professor Ted Snell, as he sorts through thousands of artworks and collected items hoarded and stockpiled in every room of Ross's home to bring together an eclectic exhibition set to stun the local arts community and beyond.

The Walking Man was a prolific artist, hidden in plain sight, whose work shines a light on the concept of making art just for art's sake.

Curriculum Links:

Walking Man will have interest and relevance for secondary students at all levels.

The documentary can serve as a stimulus to: 

  • examine what it means to be an artist
  • discuss the nature of 'Outsider Art'
  • consider the purpose and value of creativity and of artistic expression
  • discuss the assumptions we make about others;
  • explore the role of art curators
  • consider the diversity and unique world views held by people in our community.

The film is particularly relevant to the Visual and Media Arts for students in years 7–10.

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