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Enigma Man (ATOM Study Guide)

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This is the story of two scientists who are confronted by their own discovery of mysterious ancient human remains that challenge everything we know about human evolution. Not only could these remains represent a new species of human, but one that existed alongside our own kind.

In March 2012, Australian palaeoanthropologist Darren Curnoe and Chinese palaeontologist Ji Xueping announced the startling discovery of prehistoric human remains from a remote cave in south-west China. They dubbed them the 'Red Deer Cave people'. They were unlike any human remains known to science. Not only were they a unique mix of primitive and modern features, but they were also young – between 11,500 and 14,500 years old.

We join the scientific team on their mission to solve the mysteries of these bones and unravel the clues that reveal how these people lived, and possibly why they died. Evidence from the cave site in China poses some chilling, even macabre possibilities concerning their fate and their connection to us.

The implications of the discovery for understanding the evolution of our own species – and the broader human story – are profound. Science orthodoxy contends that our modern human ancestors only inhabited East Asia after the disappearance of earlier ancient humans. The existence of the Red Deer Cave people is further proof that the truth may be something else entirely. Our own species may have co-existed with the Red Deer Cave people until relatively recently.

Using stunning reconstructions, we step into the world of the Red Deer Cave people in the lush forests of south-west China. Leaping back in time from the present-day scientific investigation, we reveal a Stone Age struggle for survival between our modern ancestors and these other human groups.

Could coexisting with these Red Deer Cave people have shaped our evolution? Could they be a part of us? If so, it would cause us to rethink what we know about what makes us human. Drawing together this latest discovery with other groundbreaking finds in the region, this documentary explores a new chapter in our evolutionary history – the Asian chapter.

Combining scientific adventure, insightful interviews and dramatic reconstructions, Enigma Man is a comprehensive account of an emerging view of human evolution.

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Enigma Man is most suitable for students in Years 10–12. Teachers should note the film contains a simulated rape scene and re-enacted images of burning human limbs.

Enigma Man is relevant to studies of Science, Geography and Media Studies, as well as the Cross-curriculum Priority of Asia and Australia's Engagement with Asia.

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