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Stutter School (ATOM Study Guide)

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Stutter School uncovers the hidden challenges of having a stutter, joining four brave individuals on a make-or-break course to find their voice and transform their lives.

Most of us don't think twice about asking someone for directions or ordering a meal. But what if the words just won't come out? The emotional impact is huge and the consequences devastating. People who stutter say it's like being trapped in an invisible cage. Frustrated, held back in life, unable to express their genuine self, this crippling condition often leads to years of bullying, low self-esteem and to being stigmatized in shockingly derogatory ways.

But although hidden, stuttering is far more widespread than many of us realise. It affects over one percent of all people, across culture, race, age and religion. Now, with unprecedented access to a groundbreaking speech programme, Stutter School joins four brave Australian stutterers, and their families, on a once-ina- lifetime journey to confront their fears and overcome their stutter.

With exclusive access, our cameras join them on an intensive residential course, run by stutterers for stutterers, that claims it will have them speaking clearly in just four days.

For each new student, the stakes are enormous. What will the four days bring? Will they succeed? And what difference will it make in their lives? Will ‘Stutter School'; make them — or break them?

Curriculum Links:

Stutter School can be linked to the following subject areas within the Australian Curriculum:

  • English (Years 7-10)
  • Health and Physical Education (Years 7-10)
  • Science (Years 7-10)

Stutter School can also be used as a supplementary text when studying a range of Senior School subjects, including:

  • Health and Human Development
  • Physical Education
  • Psychology
  • Science

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