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On Country Kitchen (ATOM Study Guide)

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Introduction & Curriculum Links

On Country Kitchen is an excellent series for Upper Primary and Early Secondary aged students to gain a greater understanding of Indigenous cultures, Country and native ingredients through the joy of cooking. Each episode takes viewers on an adventure through south Western Australia that reveals the local produce available through ethical practices. This cross-curricular resource asks students to consider what is involved in the food production process from beginning to end and invites students to think about healthy food and life choices.

This study guide has focused on Upper Primary Years 5-6 and Early Secondary Years 7-8 curriculum areas including English, Humanities and Social Sciences, Civics and Citizenship, as well as the general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities. These can easily be used as a guide in order for this suitable resource to be adapted to any year level. This study guide includes individual, paired and class activities and should accompany students as they watch the series. The guide asks students to answer questions specific to certain sections of each episode. Therefore it would be helpful for teachers to go over the questions relevant to each viewing or ask students to make themselves familiar.

Importantly, the series helps teachers to identify how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures are embedded in all learning areas, as outlined in the national curriculum as a cross-curriculum priority. General capabilities such as Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking, Intercultural Understanding as well as Personal and Social Capability, can all be explored through the use of the series in class, encouraging students to become active and informed citizens.

Cross-curriculum priority:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures are embedded in all areas of the curriculum. On Country Kitchen helps students to achieve the Organising Ideas of this cross-curriculum priority by illuminating the rich Aboriginal cultures around the beautiful South-West of Western Australia. Students gain an understanding of the importance of Country and Place, as well as learning about the strong and unique belief systems connecting people to land, sea, sky and waterways.

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