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Iraq, My Country (ATOM Study Guide)

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Iraq, My Country is a film, suitable for senior secondary students, that follows the journey back home for Hadi Mahood who has been living in Melbourne, Australia. Hadi fled Iraq in the First Gulf War, a refugee from Samawa in Iraq's Shiite South. Watching the news broadcasts in Australia about the war in his country, he has many unanswered questions about the war and decides to return to the city of his birth, filming his journey and the many encounters he has along the way.

The film is 52 minutes, making it an ideal resource for students to learn about the history of the conflict in Iraq and its impact on its citizens. The footage has a sense of raw and powerful immediacy, capturing aspects of the conflict we are unlikely to see on the nightly news. Through it all, the film is informed by Hadi's empathy for his countrymen and his desperate hope that somehow his homeland can steer its path to some sort of peace and prosperity.

The study guide includes very detailed information about the history of the war in Iraq and provides opportunities for students to research the country and current issues, political, social and cultural.

Curriculum Links:
Iraq, My Country would have relevance to senior secondary students studying SOSE / HSIE and Middle East Politics.
Due to scenes of violence, it would not be appropriate for middle or junior secondary students.

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