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Housemates (ATOM Study Guide)

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Housemates provides an account of what it means to live in a share house. The series explores how the houses work, what makes them different, and how the housemates living there have created a way of living that works for them – most of the time. Housemates not only entertains but provides the audience with a greater understanding and appreciation of how people are now choosing to live, and whom they choose to live with.

Curriculum Links

This study guide to accompany Housemates has been written for secondary students in Years 10 – 12. The series is suitable for students undertaking Economics, English, Health and Human Development, Media and Sociology. The activities featured in this study guide promote student engagement and active participation via individual reflection, class discussions, and small group work. 

Multiple activities are provided to allow teachers to select those that will best suit the demands of the subject and the needs of the students.

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