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Every Family Has a Secret - Series 4 (ATOM Study Guide)

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Year Levels: 10-12
Streaming Content: Every Family Has a Secret

Every Family has a Secret is a four-part documentary series produced by Artemis Media in Perth for SBS Television in Australia. In each one-hour episode, we follow the journeys of everyday Australians wanting to discover the truth about their past by uncovering long-held family secrets. As we watch these different stories unfold, we are encouraged to think about why families keep secrets and how these secrets affect generations. We are shown how truths about the past are important to understand and acknowledge, even if they are confronting.

This impeccably researched and produced television series allows viewers to connect with history in a deeply personal way. Participants travel around the world uncovering powerful truths about themselves, their families and Australia. The exquisite sense of storytelling makes these programs both gripping and exceptionally beautiful. Viewers will be drawn to these individuals who bravely embark on often confronting journeys of discovery. 

Curriculum Links:

Personal and Social Capability is a cross curriculum priority that relates to many subject areas. This priority across a range of subject areas could include exploring:

  • Concepts of Identity
  • Belonging
  • Family and Inheritance
  • Migration
  • Generational change

Senior secondary students studying Modern History or Australian History, with a focus on World War II and post-war migration will find strong links to their studies in this series and would benefit from exploring the generational impacts of World War II on families.

ATOM has produced a study guide for each season of Every Family has a Secret. They are available for download here.

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