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Every Family Has a Secret - Series 3 (ATOM Study Guide)

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Presented by Noni Hazlehurst this extraordinarily powerful observational documentary series follows everyday Australians on life changing journeys, seeking out the hidden secrets within their families. Revealing dark pasts, lies and buried scandals, Every Family has a Secret is a masterfully created series which tells astonishing stories that shock, move and captivate.  

Curriculum Links:

This series has a wide array of teaching and learning applications, particularly in secondary school settings. Each of the four episodes connects with particular topics that may be relevant to mid and senior secondary school English as an adjunct to text studies. In the sections of this guide focused on separate episodes, you will find themes identified. Writing topics could also be used in English as discrete standalone activities. The program is entertaining and provocative and students will find much material here to engage with and to prompt deep discussions and reflection. Each episode can be screened on its own. The series could also be a rich resource for U3A courses and any genealogy groups. This Guide is intended to be adapted as required, it is deliberately broad and open-ended, with the idea that teachers will pick and choose resources and activities that are useful and relevant.

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