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Do or Die: Lost at Sea (ATOM Study Guide)

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Do or Die is a pragmatic and dramatic re-creation of eight separate lost-at-sea incidents. The film uses the frightening experiences of its eight subjects to promote respect for the sea and ocean preparedness. The documentary uses vivid re-creations, archival footage, interviews, narration and the testimony of experts. It brings the eight survivors—most who have had years of sailing expertise—together for a weekend with an experienced safety consultant. They share their experiences as a way to understand the fundamental rights and wrongs of their actions under pressure, while reinforcing vital survival skills for seafarers at all levels.

Do or Die: Lost at Sea serves as an excellent educational resource that can be utilised in the classroom to encourage awareness in a number of key learning areas. This is extremely pertinent for both the New Zealand and Australian classroom, where it is necessary to develop a critical understanding of the influence of these countries' significant coastline. This includes technological developments, communications, weather patterns, temperature awareness, the language of the sea and boating, as well as a wide range of issues concerning the construction of documentary and factual television.

There are several critical layers of engagement that reinforce key learning outcomes from across levels five to eight of the Australian Curriculum profiles. Specifically, the following areas have been identified as being particularly relevant:

  • Health & Physical Education
  • Media Studies
  • English
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Communications

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