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Long Lost Sons (ATOM Study Guide)

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Long Lost Sons was produced for New Zealand on Air by the Gibson Group, and is a television documentary about the pilgrimage of the Fa'afoi family to their Pacific island home of Tokelau. For the parents, Amosa and Metita, this is the first visit since they left thirty-five years ago. For their New Zealand-born children who accompany them, it is their first encounter with their family's homeland. Two of these children, Jason and Kris, are both well-known personalities on New Zealand television; Jason is a presenter on the children's program, What Now, while Kris is a reporter for One Network News. The documentary charts the trip they take from suburban Christchurch to the tropical island of Fakaofa and explores the personal and cultural significance for the family, and for Jason and Kris in particular.

The documentary gives students a clear insight into the impact of the migration experience through the familiar figures of Jason and Kris. Ideas about cultural identity are also examined and an important theme is the effect of the trip in making them aware of their cultural roots. It is through the interviews with the parents that we also see the impact of migration on the wider family and the Tokelau community itself. Viewers get an insight into the way of life of the Tokelaus and an appreciation of the significance of this homeland for one family.

Curriculum Links

  • Social Studies – In Social Studies the resource would ideally be suited for use at Level 5 (for Years 9 and 10) and could also be suitable for Level 6 (Year 11) in the Social Studies Curriculum where it could be used as a resource for Level 1 NCEA.
  • Media Studies – This study guide is aimed at Level 2 NCEA.

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