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Colour Theory - Series 3 (ATOM Study Guide)

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Colour Theory Series 3 looks at up-and-coming artists producing cutting-edge work that reflects the exciting artistic developments within the creative Indigenous community that up until now have had little exposure nationally.

In this series, Clive and Julie Freeman, Karla Dickens, Frances Belle Parker and Jason Wing invite us to their ancestral homelands, where the inspiration for their art is found. In Colour Theory Series 3, we meet these trailblazers in their cultural element and glimpse the future of Indigenous art. Each episode runs for half an hour, during which we learn about each artist's background and how their identity and connection to place and country informs their artistic practice.

The audience will be taken on a journey with the artists and follow their processes of creating artwork right up until the opening of their exhibitions.

Colour Theory Series 3 is presented by Tony Albert, one of Australia's most celebrated artists. His firsthand knowledge of artistic practice enables the audience to gain a unique insight into the work of these outstanding artists.

Curriculum Guidelines

Colour Theory Series 3 would be enjoyed by secondary and tertiary students across a range of levels and subject areas, including Visual Arts, Design, Australian History and Politics, Aboriginal Studies and Cultural Studies.

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