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Carbon Cops (ATOM Study Guide)

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Carbon Cops (Sean Cousins and Sophie Meyrick, 2006) is a series of six 26-minute episodes that show how awareness and technology can be combined in simple and practical terms to help people reduce their own carbon footprint and tackle the problem of greenhouse gas emissions.

The main thinking behind the series is that humans are creating climate change by their use of energy, which increases greenhouse gas emissions. Seventy per cent of today's population will be alive in 2050, so climate change will have an effect on most of us. Rapid change to the way we use energy is urgently required to protect the planet and the lifestyles we currently enjoy. Many of us are keen to decrease our energy consumption for financial and environmental reasons, without really sacrificing our lifestyles – but do not really know how.

In these episodes we follow six families who are led through a step-by-step process of how their current use of energy is creating an uncertain future. They find that a few simple changes to their lifestyle can make a huge difference.

Carbon Cops shows the families (and the audience) the science and practical take-home tips that will save money, energy and, possibly, ultimately our way of life.

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