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Teaching Videogames

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In the past forty years, videogames have become one of the most economically, socially and culturally significant form of popular media. As any player knows, videogames are rich, diverse experiences characterised by interactivity and immersiveness. However, they are often discussed only in terms of their potentially harmful affects. Teaching Videogames challenges common prejudices and outlines recent developments in the study of videogames. The guide considers methods for analysing the structures, aesthetics, forms and modes of engagement, and issues of audience, creativity and sociality.

Contents include:
• Introduction: Assessment contexts; What is a videogame?; Why study videogames?; Approaches to teaching; Schemes of work
• Background: Timeline; The industry; Videogame genres; Videogames as games; Videogame spaces; Interactivity and structure; Narrative and characters
• Case studies: Violent videogames; Women and videogames; Playing with videogames; The representation of conflict and competition

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