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Teaching & Learning Series: 1. Teaching Literacy

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The Teaching & Learning series is designed for teachers, staff and educators of young children. These programs, filmed on location, feature teachers, students, educators and parents. They provide practical examples and scenarios to ensure best practice in K–6 school level teaching and learning.

The series includes:

  1. Teaching Literacy (22 mins.)
  2. Teaching Numeracy (16 mins.)
  3. Peer Mediation (15 mins.)
  4. Effective Schools (15 mins.)

The complete series is available to primary schools at the discount price of $275. Click here for the complete series.

Teaching Literacy
Learning to read and write can be fun! By identifying individual needs and implementing effective teaching methods, students can be motivated to learn through creative programs and word games that students enjoy.

This program demonstrates shared reading, guided reading, and uses 'Learning Centres' to:

  • Make the learning focus clear through rephrasing, reinforcement and summarising
  • Encourage students to predict, reflect, discuss and support each other
  • Provide opportunities for skills practice in a fun way.

A PDF workbook is included on this DVD-ROM.

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