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Agniyogana (1-Year Rental)

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Agniyogana is a meditative inquiry into the lost art of classical Hatha Yoga. 

Offering an experiential collage of action and stillness, light and darkness, sound and silence, Agniyogana explores the richness of traditional Hatha Yoga teachings and the deeply connected states of heart, mind and freedom these practices deliver to sincere truth seekers. 

Agniyogana takes the viewer on a journey through time and space to rediscover the inner dimensions of Hatha Yoga and reconnect the human spirit to the true meaning of 'yug', the connecting root of all yogas.

Our documentary film begins with a visual and aural initiation. The journey inward then explores the key requirements of Hatha Yoga: 

  • firmness of mind;
  • The importance of faith;
  • The necessity of a qualified teacher;
  • The benefits of moderation;
  • The methods to restrain the senses; and 
  • The practice of universal equanimity.

Throughout the film we examine the microcosm of the internal self in relation to the macrocosm of the elements, seasons, time of day and other external forces of nature. The narrative is woven together through commentary, wisdom and insight from those who continue to uphold and live by the ancient ways of yoga. 

Throughout, Agniyogana offers rarely seen glimpses of traditional Hatha Yoga practices as expressed by modern day yogins.

Agniyogana is a meditation.

ATOM has also produced a study guide for Agniyogana. The study is available to download here.

Running time: 64 mins

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