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Maasai: Food and Celebration

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Maasai: Food and Celebration is the fourth of six film essays of Maasai life. These remarkable films, in which the Maasai describe their culture and the ways in which a rapidly changing world continues to impact their way of life, bring the viewer close to an extraordinary and semi-nomadic indigenous world.

Following a male circumcision, an important ceremony in life's journey, the village gathers to sing and dance and celebrate the event. The women prepare the food as the men attend a goat slaughter.

Goats and cattle are a source of wealth in Maasai society and the animals are looked after with great care. There is a very great difference here from the industrial farming of western society.

The Maasai films in this series are:

  1. Women at Work and Women at Home
  2. Enkang Life
  3. Changing Times
  4. Food and Celebration
  5. Keeping Knowledge
  6. Birds Sing and Lions Roar

PLEASE NOTE: This films contains a sequence showing a goat slaughter.

Running time: 37 mins

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