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Maasai: Changing Times

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Maasai: Changing Times is the third of six film essays of Maasai life. These remarkable films, in which the Maasai describe their culture and the ways in which a rapidly changing world continues to impact their way of life, bring the viewer close to an extraordinary and semi-nomadic indigenous world.

In Changing Times, we visit the house of Amos and Lilian and talk about the changing relationships between younger Maasai men and women.

Changing Times explores some of the more confronting issues and challenges as Maasai society adapts and deals with the pressures of change. A group of Maasai girls recite a poem about the changes they want in their own lives, including the right to marry a man that they love and the opportunity to attend higher education.

The Maasai films in this series are:

  1. Women at Work and Women at Home
  2. Enkang Life
  3. Changing Times
  4. Food and Celebration
  5. Keeping Knowledge
  6. Birds Sing and Lions Roar

PLEASE NOTE: This film contains discussion about female genital mutilation and other matters relating to sexual relationships in Maasai society.

Running time: 37 mins

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