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Maasai: Keeping Knowledge

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Maasai: Keeping Knowledge is the fifth of six film essays of Maasai life. These remarkable films, in which the Maasai describe their culture and the ways in which a rapidly changing world continues to impact their way of life, bring the viewer close to an extraordinary and semi-nomadic indigenous world.

Keeping Knowledge explores the ways in which Maasai believe they can preserve their precious cultural heritage while at the same time considering new ways of community development.

Drought has a severe impact on the community's capacity to maintain traditions and crafts, yet it is these traditions and crafts that provide an opportunity to develop other sources of income.

The Maasai films in this series are:

  1. Women at Work and Women at Home
  2. Enkang Life
  3. Changing Times
  4. Food and Celebration
  5. Keeping Knowledge
  6. Birds Sing and Lions Roar

Running time: 28 mins

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