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Screen Education #78

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Screen Education is a quarterly magazine for media teachers, and for primary and secondary teachers interested in harnessing the power of visual media to stimulate learning. It is essential reading for those with an interest in media literacy, offering a unique and engaging perspective on screen education, and is an invaluable resource for upper secondary students and university students studying film.

Each issue provides the reader with practical classroom ideas, lesson plans and activities along with essays, study guides, updates on new technology, and research into media pedagogy. The magazine also analyses and offers ways to navigate the ever-changing new media landscape and the benefits (e.g. interactive learning tools) and potential issues (e.g. cyberbullying and pornography) that come with it. Screen Education publishes articles by educators, scholars and critics, and is partially refereed.


New & Notable
'The Unsweetened Truth: A Study Guide to That Sugar Film' – Kim Edwards

Let's Get Animated
'The Simpsons and Surrealist Art' – Kevin Lavery
'Astro Boy and the Ethics of Technology' – Maydia Parry
'The Legend of Korra and Minority Representation' – Adolfo Aranjuez
'Danger Mouse and Comedy' – Myke Bartlett
'Wandering Son and Gender Identity' – Paul Jackson
'Futurama and Advanced Mathematics' – David Crewe
'Death Note and Morality' – Bridget Hanna
'Adventure Time and Gender Stereotypes' – Carolyn Leslie
'Ren & Stimpy and Classroom Behaviour' – Chloe Brien & Andrew Nolan

WWI Remembered
'"A True Soldier Doesn't Always Wear Khaki": Anzac Girls and The Crimson Field' – Carolyn Leslie
'Anzac Lessons: Teaching World War I in the Digital Age' – Susanna Nelson
'The Birth of a Legend: Reinforcing Australian Mythology in Peter Weir's Gallipoli' – Bridget Curran

Screens in the Classroom
'Re-creating the Creature: Visions of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein' – Sarah Ward

Talking Society
'Stop the Ships: Elysium, Asylum Seekers and the Battle over Sovereign Borders' – Suzie Gibson

Filmmaker Profile
'David Lynch' – David Crewe

Teaching Media
'The Journey of a Local Festival' – Amanda Sherring

Film Schools
'Sydney Film School & International Film School Sydney' – Dylan Bird

Tech'd Out
'Virtual Toolkit' – Jane Shields

Film as Text
'Burned by the Bright Lights: Ambition, Applause and Artifice in All About Eve' – Jasmine Crittenden
'Into the Maze: Stanley Kubrick's The Shining' – Nicholas Godfrey

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