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Screen Education #69

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Screen Education is a quarterly magazine for media teachers, and for primary and secondary teachers interested in harnessing the power of visual media to stimulate learning. It is essential reading for those with an interest in media literacy, offering a unique and engaging perspective on screen education, and is an invaluable resource for upper secondary students and university students studying film.

Each issue provides the reader with practical classroom ideas, lesson plans and activities along with essays, study guides, updates on new technology, and research into media pedagogy. The magazine also analyses and offers ways to navigate the ever-changing new media landscape and the benefits (e.g. interactive learning tools) and potential issues (e.g. cyberbullying and pornography) that come with it. Screen Education publishes articles by educators, scholars and critics, and is partially refereed.


'Growing Up Is Hard to Do: Puberty Blues' – Rose Lucas
'Spirit Adrift: Life of Pi: A Study Guide' – Peter Gutiérrez
'A Gleeful Art Goes Back to Black: Les Misétables and the Modern Musical' – Myke Bartlett
'Arcade Projections: Wreck-It Ralph and the Cinema of Gaming' – Daniel Golding

Atom News
My Story My Content: ATOM & IPAF Short Film Competition
'Finding a Solution to the Piracy Problem' – Stephen Jenner

Blockbuster Central
'Bond & Beyond: The Resurgence of Spy Cinema' – Peter Gutiérrez

Primary & Middle Years
'Lessons from the Past: A Multimedia Approach to Australian History' – Anne Vize

Teaching Media
'A View Through Barbed Wire: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' – Frank W Baker
'When Fear Is Fun: Considering Genre and Audience in Horror Movies for Kids' – Peter Gutiérrez
'Sanctuary Lessons: Monsieur Lazhar: A Study Guide' – Marguerite O'Hara

In the Industry
'Writing for One: From Soliloquy to Screen with The Voices Project' – Oliver Downes

Teaching Tech
'Setting the Scene: Three Essential On-set Apps' – Christopher Kenworthy

Film as Text
'Beyond Representation? Hollywood, Holocaust and the Image of History in Schindler's List' – Matthew Clayfield
'Paper Trailblazers: Investigating Democracy in All the President's Men' – Alexandra Heller-Nicholas
'Spiral Music: Listening to Uncanny Influence in Vertigo' – Daniel Golding

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