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Screen Education #95

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Screen Education is a quarterly magazine for media teachers, and for primary and secondary teachers interested in harnessing the power of visual media to stimulate learning. It is essential reading for those with an interest in media literacy, offering a unique and engaging perspective on screen education, and is an invaluable resource for upper secondary students and university students studying film.

Each issue provides the reader with practical classroom ideas, lesson plans and activities along with essays, study guides, updates on new technology and research into media pedagogy. The magazine also analyses and offers ways to navigate the ever-changing new media landscape and the benefits (e.g. interactive learning tools) and potential issues (e.g. cyberbullying and pornography) that come with it. Screen Education publishes articles by educators, scholars and critics, and is partially refereed.


New & Notable
Bedroom Games: Sex and Power in The Favourite – Joanna di Mattia
Into the Night: Religion and Environmental Catastrophe in First Reformed – Anthony Carew
Close Encounters of the Furry Kind: Community and Justice in Paddington 2 – Louise Lavery

Talking Society
Dark Enlightenment: Crime and Power in The Cult of The Family – Felicity Ford
The Marrying Kind: Exploring Gender and Tradition in I Am No Bird – Amanda Barbour
Arrested Development: Pop Culture and VHS Nostalgia in Brigsby Bear – Anthony Carew
Play Fighting: The Real-world Violence of Videogames – Jini Maxwell

Screens in the Classroom
Cinema Science: Assembling the Operations of Avengers: Endgame – Dave Crewe
Dangerous Locations: The Missing Person in Australian Cinema – Dean Biron and Tiffany Sutherland
Distant Lives: Grief and Protocol in The Queen – Katy Marriner

Beyond the Multiplex
Connection and Creativity: Agnès Varda and JR's Faces Places – Susan Bye

Filmmaker Profile
M Night Shyamalan – Dave Crewe

Teaching Media
Suburban Dreams: The American Teenage Experience in Netflix Originals – Jeff Spanke and Chea Parton

Tech'd Out
Sync or Swim: Trello – Kevin Lavery
Creative Devices: Makers Empire – Joel Aarons

Film as Text
Maid of Dishonour: Women Behaving Badly in Bridesmaids – Mel Campbell
All Under Heaven: Chinese Tradition and Globalisation in Hero – Leya Reid

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