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Playing for Charlie

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After the death of his father, gifted young sportsman Tony Hobbs (Jared Daperis) is thrust into the role of caring and providing for his family. But he yearns for a life bigger and brighter than the one in which his ties currently bind him. While his grief-stricken mother (Jodie Rimmer) works nights at a call centre, Tony strives to keep his eye on the ball and his sights set on a brilliant future. With the help of an inspirational coach (Shane Connor) he undertakes a courageous and challenging journey fraught with adversity in a heart-wrenching effort to pull his family through to better times.

A coming of age story that explores the delicate and tender relationship between mother and son, Playing for Charlie is a powerful exploration of family spirit and hope.

Special features:

  • Behind the scenes – cast and crew interviews (19 mins)

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