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Journey Through Asian Art, A

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Contemporary Asian art is new and exciting.

Art historian Alison Carroll shows how Asian art came out of a century scarred by national independence struggles and bolstered by emerging economies. It came from an Asia where new ideas clashed with traditional ways.

Join Alison as she travels the world, talking with artists in their studios and visiting museums. We go behind the scenes exploring storerooms and vaults, seeing key works from the twentieth century that shaped Asian art.

The vibrant art from Asia amazes us. It is now time to understand it.

This series contains ten episodes, each ten minutes in length. This product is shipped as two DVDs, the first containing Episodes 1–5 and the second Episodes 6–10

DVD 1:

  1. 'Unseen Worlds'
  2. 'New Ideas'
  3. 'East and West'
  4. 'Trade Winds'
  5. 'Red Ink'
DVD 2:
  1. 'Independence'
  2. 'Art and the State'
  3. 'Raw Materials'
  4. 'The Way Between'
  5. 'New Harmony'

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