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Compass: Cleverman Special

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In this Compass special, Geraldine Doogue and her guests explore the indigenous mythology underpinning the groundbreaking new ABC drama Cleverman.

Joining Geraldine are Cleverman Series Concept Creator and Producer Ryan Griffen; writer, actor and Cleverman Director Leah Purcell; broadcaster and journalist Stan Grant and academic Dr Frances Wyld to discuss what meaning these stories, drawn from Aboriginal spirituality, offer modern Australians.

The six-part television series Cleverman takes the sci-fi genre and marries it with Aboriginal Dreaming, mythology and storytelling – a remarkable blend. Geraldine and her guests explore how a culture that is tens of thousands of years old can be adapted to a very twenty-first-century TV series like Cleverman, and how each of her panelists adapts that ancient spirituality to fit in with their contemporary lives.

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