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Lifetime of Beauty, A (DVD)

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Research recently undertaken by Gregory Landsman with Victorian primary school children showed strong associations between the traditional concept of fashion and beauty, and a destructive self image in children as young as six-years old.

The modern day epidemic of body dissatisfaction, previously the domain of teenagers and adults, is now affecting our primary school aged youth. This is becoming a growing problem in schools, with it being linked to the broader issues of isolation and bullying.

In response to this research, Gregory Landsman created Dissolving Differences - an awareness program encouraging schools to create a cultural ethos that will support students to shape values, attitudes and beliefs that promote equality, together with an acceptance of the differences in themselves and others.

Dissolving Differences utilises popular culture as a teaching medium to enhance both relevance and impact. As part of this Program, the animation, 'A Life Time of Beauty' has been produced for schools, along with a study guide for primary teachers and students.


Gregory Landsman is the author of the internationally acclaimed book, 'The Balance of Beauty Explodes the Body Myth'.

He has lectured on the speaking circuit in the United States of America, Asia and the United Kingdom about the concept of beauty, derived from his previous career as an international stylist in the fashion and beauty industry.

Gregory has motivated thousands of people to recognise that as human beings we are all meant to be different and that within our differences lies our true beauty.

Gregory has recently returned to Australia to commence a series of education initiatives aimed at counteracting issues such as lack of self belief in our youth, body image and bullying in schools, the source of which can often be tracked to our perceptions of 'physical' differences.


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