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Giving birth is meant to be a personal journey, measured by months and fraught with all manner of challenges along the way. Waiting captures the essence of impending motherhood, exploring the trials, tribulations and social expectations of a small community in rural Queensland.

Clare (Noni Hazlehurst) is a burgeoning artist who has just won an art fellowship to Paris. But the art world will just have to wait, because her latest creation sits restlessly in her womb, destined to be delivered for her long-time friend Sandy (Helen Jones) who can't conceive a baby of her own. Friends and family make the pilgrimage to show their support for Clare's selfless plight, including filmmaker Therese (Fiona Press), who arrives to film the birth as part of a documentary, and Diane, a no-nonsense magazine editor ready to lend a hand.

But when Clare begins to have second thoughts about giving up her baby, life becomes increasingly complicated, especially when an old boyfriend shows up and openly discusses his ideas of marriage. What's an exhausted and confused surrogate mother-to-be to do?

Co-starring Ray Barrett and from the producer of The Slap and Brides of Christ and presented in a brand new widescreen transfer featuring Jackie McKimmie's short films Stations and No Problems, Waiting is a candid comedy about sex, motherhood, careers, friendship and impending family, presenting a colourful new angle on an age-old theme.

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