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10x14 Bricks: Stories from Youth in Lock-up

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Why choose to commit a crime? How far will you go? Is it worth it? What is it like in lock-up? What would you do differently? What can you do to change?

Crime prevention strategies from the 'experts' behind bars. Powerful films made by teenage offenders with candid 'meet-the-directors' documentaries.

Ideal for group & class discussion about crime, justice, peer pressure and personal growth – relevant for teenagers.

Each film comes with handy on-screen Talk Points:

  • HOW-TO GUIDE: explains all DVD functions, for Mac and PC (3mins)
  • CRIME: You wouldn't do crime, or would you? (5min 20sec)
  • CHOICES: Compact Crib + Meet the Director (6min 31sec)
  • ANGER: Angry, Young, Male + Meet the Director (10min 48sec)
  • REGRET: If Only... + Meet the Director (10min 49sec) + Restorative Justice (6min 23sec)
  • HOPE: Another Day in this Place + Meet the Director (10min 48sec)
  • FREEDOM: Getting Out, Staying Out + Meet the Director (12min 31sec)
  • PLAY ALL: (60 min) + short trailer – great for quick introductions (2min 45sec)


• Session Planner for a term's work with activities for the whole class – for teachers & youth workers
• Extended Talk Points with links to other programs and activities
• The complete ʻChallenging Offending Behaviourʼ Manual (150 pages) with exercises and group activities
• Comics of each youth film
• Activity sheets and links to additional online resources

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