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Bug Out

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Bug Out is an album of fourteen smart songs by the Mighty bUZZniks that sound like 'grown up music' but are infused with clever, surreal stories and often ridiculous lyrics that immediately capture the attention of children.

The themes covered in the songs cover many aspects of the integrated curriculum, delving into social and emotional development issues, mini-beasts, science and space and deal with sport and fitness while creating imaginary worlds designed to evoke wonder.

'Robot Kevin' features an alien robot who has seen his own planet's environment destroyed and so comes to Earth with a message that we need to look after our trees, air and water and save our planet. This poignant techno tale has a great environmental message and invites kids to consider our human connection with nature and the role of technology in our world. (Watch a clip for 'Robot Kevin' here. There is also a clip for 'To the Moon' here.)

The songs launch children deep into their imaginations with rollicking sea shanties about seasick pirates and an imaginary friend who is a giant talking chicken. These songs about dreams and fantasy worlds are a great launching pad to inspire kids to investigate their own dreams and imagination.

'Be Yourself' celebrates difference, individuality and tolerance, as does 'Bully' – which confronts the issue of bullying in our schools and community.

Bug Out comes as a double CD and includes the bUZZniks' first album, The Great Space Circus with twelve more songs. 'Katie & the Spider' asks kids to see the world from the point of view of a spider, teaching empathy, while 'Our Kitchen' is a total celebration of cooking your own food.

Musically the CDs traverse a range of sounds and musical genres – rock, blues, hip-hop, country, brass bands and string quartets meet bluegrass, electro pop and psychedelia.

Many styles come together in an energetic performance that will excite the ears and expose children to a plethora of sounds and a sea of silliness, enticing them into a Dr Seuss-like world that is relevant to their own experience.

Aimed at 3 to 9 year olds, these songs will connect with pre-schoolers and primary students. As a source material, the songs can be utilised on various levels. Everyone can Bug Out!


Bug Out

  1. Johnno's Pirate Dream
  2. Sports
  3. Robot Kevin
  4. Imaginary Friend
  5. It's Not Fair
  6. Be Yourself
  7. Here Comes The Rain
  8. Funny Noises
  9. Steam Train
  10. Bully
  11. Stinky Song
  12. In The Sunshine
  13. To The Moon
  14. Fish Dance

The Great Space Circus

  1. ABC Rap
  2. To Be a Bug
  3. Cowboy Dan
  4. Katie & The Spider
  5. Nightime is the Daytime (with the lights turned out)
  6. Giant Squids
  7. Ow Ow Ow
  8. Our Kitchen
  9. Play
  10. Bang Goes the Drum
  11. Around My House
  12. The bUZZnik Space Ride

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