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Getting the Buggers to Find Out

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There is a necessary balance between knowledge and knowing how to find out - between having the key facts in your head, having the understanding of how to use them, and having the skill to draw on extra resources too. Information literacy is as important as traditional reading literacy and it incorporates a wide range of skills which are essential in the modern world. Many of the skills already feature in the curriculum, though because they are not usually brought together, too often there is no coherent approach to how they are learned. They are relevant to every teacher and every pupil; they feature in every curriculum subject; they are cross-curricular in every sense - yet because they belong to everyone they are owned by no-one.

– Duncan Grey

This fascinating and innovative book contains a variety of strategies to help teachers develop students' information and literacy skills. Accessible and entertaining, Duncan Grey's superb guide brims with practical strategies and lesson ideas to help every student to answer every question!

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