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Finding My Magic: Children's Rights Series

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Finding My Magic is a children's rights education program designed to teach students about their rights and responsibilities. Inspired by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and Save the Children Australia, Finding My Magic was created by psychologist, Eve Ash and features Australian Olympic champion Cathy Freeman OAM.

Disc 1:
Episode 01: 'Let's Be Fair' (7 minutes)
Episode 02: 'Listen to Me' (5 minutes)
Episode 03: 'That's Private' (4 minutes)
Episode 04: 'Don't Bully Me' (5 minutes)
Episode 05: 'Be at School' (4 minutes)
Episode 06: 'What's Best for Me' (5 minutes)
Episode 07: 'Let's Be Healthy' (5 minutes)
Episode 08: 'My Right to a Good Home' (4 minutes)
Episode 09: 'Respect My Beliefs' (5 minutes)
Episode 10: 'Don't Exploit Me' (4 minutes)
Episode 11: 'Keep Me Safe'* (6 minutes)
Episode 12: 'Know My Rights' (7 minutes)
* Use Episode 11 with discretion – view Special Advice video on disc 2 before showing class.

Disc 2:
a) Video Extras:

  • Trailer (2 minutes)
  • Empowering Children (2 minutes)
  • Series Overview for Schools (9 minutes)
  • Human Rights Education (5 minutes)
  • Special Advice Before Using Episode 11 'Keep Me Safe' (6 minutes)

b) Printable Resources:

  • Guide for Teachers (PDF), which includes:
    – Professional development sessions for teachers
    – Lesson notes and scripts
    – Activites and handouts
  • Lesson Notes for all episodes (PDF)
  • Letter Templates for Parents (DOC)

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