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Gallipoli (Teacher Pack)

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This is a complete teaching unit, including assessment, for the powerful Australian war film Gallipoli (Peter Weir, 1981). The narrative feature film charts the journey of young mates Archie Hamilton and Frank Dunne as they make their way from Australia to the battlefield of Gallipoli.

This comprehensive Teacher Pack equips educators of secondary students (Years 9–11) with all that's needed to deliver high-quality learning experiences which unpack the key messages of this important film, especially those relating to war, with outcomes focused on students creating a narrative intervention assessment task. There is the option to extend the teaching unit, with an analytical task included also (for either written or spoken mode delivery).

Contents (6 digital/editable/printable files ready for immediate download and use):

  1. Teacher Guide (24-page PDF)
    • Unit overview
    • Inquiry Question
    • Suggested Lesson Outline
    • Teacher Answer Guide to Student Booklet
    • Narrative Intervention Assessment task information
    • Optional: Analytical Assessment task
  2. Student Booklet (20-page PDF and DOCX [Suitable for Google Classroom])
    • Pre-viewing activities
    • Viewing activities
    • Post-viewing activities
    • Assessment task: Narrative Intervention – what is a narrative intervention, narrative devices, narrative intervention planning template, narrative structure drafting template, checklist
    • Optional: Analytical Assessment task
  3. Teaching PowerPoint/Keynote Presentation (23-slide PPTX and KEY [for macOS users])
    • Discussion starters
    • What is narrative film?
    • Pre-viewing, Viewing and Post-viewing resources
    • Assessment Preparation – Narrative Intervention assessment
  4. Sample Response – Narrative Intervention (PDF; approx. 800 words)

Unit duration: 16+ lessons (including assessment)

Curriculum Links:

The Teacher Pack can be linked to the following areas within the Australian Curriculum:

  • English
  • Media Studies
  • Humanities – as part of an integrated unit

In addition, the Teacher Pack relates to the following General Capabilities within the Australian Curriculum:

  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Ethical Understanding
  • Literacy

The film runs for 110 mins and is classified PG. Please check your country's classification for this film prior to use with students.


  • Digital/editable/printable files delivered in a single ZIP file (3× PDFs, 1×DOCX, 1×PPTX, 1×KEY)
  • Professionally designed by an experienced educator
  • Highly visual and engaging
  • Suited to all learners
  • Crisp, clean layouts
  • A range of whole class, group work and individual learning resources

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