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The Eye of the Camera: Ethnographic Documentary and the Aperture Festival

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Unlike its mainstream counterpart, the ethnographic documentary focuses on lived experience and invites viewers to enter into a more meaningful relationship with its subjects. Jeni Thornley recounts how the 2013 Aperture Festival's films and events showcased this unique artform.

Additional keywords: Breaking the Chains, Erminia Colucci, Anouk Ride, Keizo Miyasaka, Sarah Pink, Natasha Fijn, Thomas Reuter, A Meeting with Maharishi Pamungkas, Christopher Basile, On Broadway, Aryo Danusiri, Gandhi's Children, David MacDougall, From Machang to Kajang, Jules Ong, Yaso Nadarajah, Standing on the Edge of a Thorn, Robert Lemelson, Anjali Monteiro, KP Jayasankar, Lucien Taylor.

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