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Special Feature: Metro Hits 200

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With the magazine having hit the 200-issue mark, this special retrospective section celebrates key Metro milestones, coverage highlights, industry contributions and editorial reflections dating all the way back to the magazine's founding (as the Film Appreciation Newsletter) in 1963.

Articles include:

  • 'A Fetching Achievement' – Adolfo Aranjuez
  • 'The Past Is a Foreign Country' – Peter Tapp
  • 'In the Beginning, There Was Film Appreciation' – Kevin Adams
  • 'Metro in the 1970s' – Peter Hamilton
  • 'A Brief History of Metro' – Wayne Levy
  • 'The Bridge' – Lisa French
  • 'Letter from the Editors' – Greta Parry
  • 'Indigenous Representations on Screen and in Print' – Greg Dolgopolov
  • 'Classic Takes: The NFSA Essays' – Brian McFarlane
  • 'The Changing Face of Genre' – Oliver Pfeiffer
  • 'Old Journal, New Media' – Dan Golding
  • 'Sydney and the Small Screen' – Liz Giuffre
  • 'Penning with Pride' – Glenn Dunks
  • 'Advocacy Meets Analysis: Metro and Documentary' – Hanna Schenkel
  • 'Three Paths to Asian Cinema' – Mike Walsh
  • 'Melbourne Plays Itself' – Anthony Carew
  • 'The Reel South: Adelaide and Metro' – Nicholas Godfrey
  • 'Enabling a Screen Ecology' – Andrew Pike

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