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You See Monsters (ATOM Study Guide)

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You See Monsters is a film about the power of art to challenge assumptions and change the way that we view the world. The documentary explores the work of a new generation of Australian Muslim artists who are asserting their own agency and fighting anti-Islamic bigotry with satire, imagination and irreverence. Following the creative endeavours of contemporary artists working on the fault line where identity, Islam and racism intersect, You See Monsters is an inspirational story about the capacity of art to question prejudice, articulate identity, and enrich the idea of what being an Australian means.

Curriculum Links

You See Monsters can be studied in relation to the following subject areas of the Australian Curriculum:

• English – Years 8–10
• Humanities – Year 10

It can also be studied in relation to the following General Capabilities:

• Intercultural Understanding
• Ethical Understanding

It can also be used as a supplementary text in relation to the following Senior Secondary curriculum areas:

• English
• Modern History Suitable for students undertaking studies in the senior years to support their learning and assessment.


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