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Who We Are in Sport (ATOM Study Guide)

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This is a program that showcases six Indigenous Australians who have had an enormous impact in a number of sporting codes. Some, like Anthony Mundine and Nova Peris, may be well-known, while others, such as Kyah Simon and Des Abbott, may not be so familiar. They all have stories to tell of their lives and work as we watch them in action – sporting superstars. But the program also includes information about their off-field lives and backgrounds and we hear each one talk about challenges, achievements and continuing work as mentors, role-models and inspirational leaders in the Australian community. All are committed to making a difference to perceptions and expectations of Indigenous Australians.

Whilst Who We Are In Sport uses the theme of sport to focus on the stories of six Indigenous Australians, the documentary is not just about sport. Who We Are In Sport is also about how sport works as a catalyst for social change and has enabled people to overcome social and political barriers in Australia. It is a story about people who, at the elite level in their respective fields, manage the pressures of fame, social expectations and the legacy they will leave behind.

Olympic gold medallist, world champion, captain of Australia, a competitor who revolutionised his sport, an athlete who achieved firsts at Olympic and Commonwealth Games – they are champions, sports stars, Indigenous Australians. In Who We Are In Sport, Nova Peris, Mark Ella, Kyah Simon, Des Abbott, Phil Krakouer and Anthony Mundine talk about their experiences, achievements and challenges on the track, in the ring, on the sports field – and in life.

Hosted by Aaron Pedersen and richly illustrated with contemporary and archive material of these and other Indigenous athletes in competition, Who We Are In Sport offers a rich and stimulating insight into the lives of some of our greatest champions.

Who We Are In Sport would be an excellent program to show to secondary students at all levels in a number of curriculum areas. These include Health and Physical Education, English, Personal Development, Indigenous Studies and Values Education.

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